World Book Day, it’s not ’til March 2020, is it?

Correct, so it’s fair to say schools probably want to get the Christmas shenanigans out of the way first.

However, leaving it until the new year might be the worst thing your school can do.

Here’s why.


Booking an author for World Book Day.

World Book Day 2019 was ace.

I was in Rotherham at Clifton Community College that day, and it was fantastic. I did three workshops, all the classroom doors were decorated to look like book covers and the teachers wore fancy dress.

They didn’t book me a month or two in advance, they booked me in December 2018.

Booking in advance means:

  • The school gets the author they want
  • The author and school get to know each other, and
  • With months of planning, it allows both the school and the author to put on something pretty special for the students

There’s nothing worse than a rush job, not only does it ruin a fun day for the students, but it means the author will have rushed what they want to do and it ends up being a bit messy and less engaging for all involved.


Finding the right author.

There’s an author for every school, all you have to do is speak to us to see if we’re right for you.

world book day, creative writing workshop, school writing workshop, matthew drzymala

If it’s me, yippee.

If you’re looking for someone younger, or older or someone who writes a specific genre, that’s okay too.

The best way to find the right one is by visiting the Patron of Reading website.

Not only are there hundreds of authors listed, but you’ll find out a bit about each one – helping you to decide the author you’d like to book for World Book Day 2020.

Or, you could look around for local authors (although we do travel, I mean, I’m in Liverpool and, as mentioned, this year I was in Rotherham).


Want to book me?

If you’ve read this, checked out my pages and said to yourself:

“Y’know what, you seem like the one for us.”


world book day, school author workshop, creative writing, matthew drzymala

You can book me for 5th March, or if you can’t get me in on the day itself, you can book me in on any day that week (or the next).

Sure, it’s better on the day, but there’s nothing stopping you moving it to a day that suits the personal needs of your school.

If you want to book me, check out everything you need to know on the following three pages:

  1. Author visits
  2. Patron of Reading
  3. Testimonials

Then get in touch to ask about booking me as your World Book Day author.

Ta-ra for now,