matthew drzymala author, website relaunch, indie author

Website relaunch, baby!

First of all, hello and welcome to, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here.

After a lot of stress, sleepless nights, legal action (really!) and more stress, it’s finally here.

But why the relaunch?

And why the new domain.



Relaunching on a new domain

I won’t bore you too much. Fact is, I let my old domain slide in April 2018. I wasn’t updating it much and I felt that the domain didn’t reflect that I’m predominantly a UK author (but thank you to all you readers elsewhere).

However, some unscrupulous scumbag bought my old domain and has been uploading a shedload of illegal stuff on it.

Suffice to say it was a shock to receive a cease and desist notice from a lawyer.

matthew drzymala author, website relaunch, indie author

Yep, I’ve been facing legal action over a domain that’s no longer mine, and that a law firm didn’t bother to do their homework on – had they done, they’d have found out I am no longer connected to it and haven’t been since April 2018.

Anyway, that’s been cleared up and has spurred me on to relaunching here.


New site. New stuff.

With a website relaunch comes new stuff, and I’m delighted to say that, for the first time, you can now buy books directly from me.

If you’ve never read my Bumpkinton stories, or even if you have, you can pick up paperback copies both signed and unsigned – so pop to my Shop page to have a look.

matthew drzymala author, website relaunch, indie author

If you do choose to pick up a signed copy, I’ll dedicate it to the person of your choice, whether that’s you, a friend, family member – or your dog (if that’s your choice).


Old favourites – gone.

For those who remember my old website, you’ll know I had guides on how indie authors can get their books into Waterstones, how to write comedy and lots of other stuff.

Sadly, I lost all this when my old domain was hijacked and stripped out – plus some of it probably isn’t relevant as they were around 3-4 years old.

matthew drzymala author, website relaunch, indie author

These won’t be returning.


Patron of reading.

Another exciting new piece of news is that I am now registered as a Patron of Reading, which means I’m certified to visit schools and colleges with my author workshops.

Not that I wasn’t before (I have my DBS check), but as a registered member on the POR website, schools can now contact me to become their very own author in residence.


Thanks for visiting.

So, that’s it, take a look around, find out more about my author workshops, buy a signed or unsigned paperback, read about my books or find out about my current work in progress – and come back soon!

Ta-ra for now,