The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread (Signed)


Welcome back to Bumpkinton!

World-renowned author Sara Hawthorne has chosen the village of Bumpkinton to launch her new book.

However, as the writer arrives, all hell breaks loose as the community faces its worst crime wave in living memory. Even the church roof tiles have been stolen!

The time has come for a fundraising event the likes of which Bumpkinton has never seen.

But when the big night turns sour, the village needs a hero.

It needs a run of spectacular shows orchestrated by a theatrical genius.

It needs the fantastical Gregory Shortbread.

The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread is the sixth story in the Bumpkinton series following the short story collection, The Bumpkinton Tales: Volume One

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For the first time, you can purchase a signed and dedicated copy of The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread.

Once you’ve purchased, just let me know who you want it dedicated to and I’ll get scribbling!