Brainstorm, to date, is the only non-Bumpkinton work I've released.

It's a short story and was released in April 2014.

I wrote part of the story during a creative writing course I attended and based the mental health issues and techniques in the story on my own experiences with psychologists.

What's it about?

brainstorm, matthew drzymala, short story, indie author, bumpkinton


Clinical psychologist Michael Eriksson makes a living from helping others, but after a series of events he is left fighting to pick up the pieces of his own shattered psyche.

When he is called to an attempted suicide on a stormy summer’s night, Michael has the chance to save a life.

But will it be his own?



Download Brainstorm

Brainstorm is only available to download in eBook format, so if you fancy giving it a read, grab your copy from one of the below:

brainstorm, short story writer, indie author, matthew drzymala, bumpkinton  

Praise for Brainstorm

"This short story packs a lot of emotion into a few pages. Besides Erikkson and his daughter Casey, there are a couple minor characters, but as revealed by his interactions, we know that this man has lost himself.

When he is called out to talk down a potential “jumper,” in the middle of a stormy night, he is confident, invested, focused, and present for the woman on the bridge which leads to an unforeseen ending.

I am sure that I gasped out loud, and tears welled up in my eyes.

Simply put, I was blown away."

Jean F. Coldwell